Mountain Dulcimer Workshops:

* TECHNIQUE  WORKSHOPS --1+ hour long each-- Intermediate+ --
The dulcimer should have a 6 1/2 fret, mostly DAD tuning CAPO may be needed.

*1.)chords, chord structures and the triads
*2.) minor modes
*3.) finger picking
*4.) flat picking
*5.) playing in different keys with and without capoing
*6.) exploring other tunings
*7.) ensemble writing and arranging.


1 hr/ lap dulcimer/ past beginner and up
Using the ADA  and AEA tuning on the baritone dulcimer you can
not only join the jam but enhance it by adding a low voice to the mix.
Tab provided.
Shelley's books "JAMMING WITH THE BARITONE DULCIMER"  and companion book "BARITONE AND SOPRANO DUETS"  are available for purchase from her

*USING THE 1 ½ FRET -- 1 hr/ lap dulcimer/ Intermediate Advanced
Using scales, chords and tunes you can use your 1½ fret to it's full potential in DAD tuning.
Use it and Love it!
Tab provided - 1 ½ and 6 ½ frets needed.
Shelley's book  "USING THE ONE ½ FRET"  is available for purchase from her

* TUNES FROM THE EARLY SIXTIES -- 1 hr/lap dulcimer/Intermediate 
Compete with MUZAK. Relive the mellow years before the Beatles with "Moonriver", "Al-Di-La" and more. Tab provided. Tune DAD, 6 1/2 fret needed.

* THEMES FROM THE MOVIES AND TV -- 1hr/lap dulcimer /Intermediate 
From "Over the Rainbow" to "All in the Family", play the tunes familiar to all of us. 
Flat picking arrangements --Tab provided. Tune DAD, 6 1/2 fret needed.

* THE MUSIC OF TURLOUGH O'CAROLAN -- 1 hr/lap dulcimer/Intermediate 
Seventeenth century harp tunes arranged for the lap dulcimer. Tab provided. Tune DAD,6 1/2 fret needed. 
**Shelley's Mel Bay book, "O'CAROLAN HARP TUNES for the MOUNTAIN DULCIMER" is available for purchase from her.

* STEPHEN FOSTER -- 1 hr/lap dulcimer/Past Beg - Intermediate 
America's most loved troubadour comes to the mountain dulcimer. Old favorites as well as unfamiliar tunes and songs from the mid-1800's are included. Tune DAD, Tab provided, 61/2 fret needed 
**Shelley's Mel Bay book & CD, "STEPHEN FOSTER for the MOUNTAIN DULCIMER" are available for purchase from her.

* CLASSIC COUNTRY -- 1 hr/lap dulcimer/Past beg - Intermediate 
Funny songs, tear-jerkers, slow songs, fast songs from the 40's, 50's and 60's. Hank Williams to Al Dexter. Traditional to contemporary. Tab provided, tune DAD, 6 1/2 fret needed.

* CLASSICAL THEMES -- 1 hr/lap dulcimer/Intermediate -Advanced 
Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and more. Tab provided. Tune DAD, 
6 1/2 fret needed, capo may be necessary. 
**Shelley's books -- "THE THREE STRING ORCHESTRA" w/CD and "THE THREE STRING ORCHESTRA VOL. II",  classical tunes arranged for the lap dulcimer are available for purchase from her.

* SHAKER TUNES -- 1 hr/lap dulcimer/Intermediate  
See what made the Shakers, shake! Some lively tunes along with some beautiful secular songs. 
Tab provided, tune DAD, 6 1/2 fret necessary, capo may be needed.

*WALTZES -- 1 hr/lap dulcimer/Past Beginner - Intermediate
We'll swing and sway to some 3/4 time tunes.  Tab provided, tune DAD 6 1/2 fret needed

*DGD TUNING -- 1hr/lap dulcimer/All levels
Don't be afraid to retune!!!  This easy tuning is a lot of fun! We'll play some familiar tunes as well as some
not so well known.   tune DGD    Tab provided,  6 1/2 fret  NOT needed!

LAZY DULCIMER!  -- 1hr/lap dulcimer/ Past Beginner - up
Play the LAZY way - across the strings instead of up the fret board.
We will explore the ionian scale within the first 3 frets of the dulcimer.
Tab provided,  tune DAD  6 1/2 fret  NOT needed!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 1hr/lap dulcimer/Intermediate- up
Fun tunes for Christmas.  We'll run over Grandma and sing with Alvin and the Chipmunks plus a lot more!
Tab provided, tune DAD  6 1/2 fret needed - maybe a capo needed

PATRIOTIC SONGS  1hr/lap dulcimer/Past beginner/Intermediate
Whether "red" or "blue" let's remember that we are all Americans!
Tab provided, tune DAD  6 1/2 fret needed.