January 2011 - "The Sheep Under the Snow"  1+  GET TAB   MP3

February 2011 - "Kissing in the Dark"  GET TAB

March 2011 - "Behind the Haystack"   GET TAB

April 2011 - "The Open Window"  GET TAB

May 2011 - "Fly Around my Pretty Little Miss"  Dad and Ada  GET TAB

June 2011 - "Bedlam Boys"     GET Em TAB    GET Dm TAB 1+

July 2011 - "Farewell to Tarwathie"   GET TAB

August 2011 - "Yellow Rose"   GET TAB

September 2011 - "Harvest Song"   GET TAB

October 2011 - "Barbry Allen"   GET TAB

November 2011 - "Ah, Poor Bird" 1+  GET TAB

December 2011 - "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly"   GET TAB

January 2012 - "Bye Bye Blackbird"  Key of G  1+  GET TAB

February 2012 - "Plaisir D'Amour"   GET TAB

March 2012 - "Temperance Reel"   GET TAB

April 2012 - "O Savior Sweet"  GET TAB

May 2012 - "Cape Cod Girls"  GET TAB

June 2012 - "Ferris Wheel Waltz"   GET TAB

July 2012 - "Down the River I Go"  GET TAB

August 2012 - "Dry and Dusty"  GET TAB

September 2012 - "Spanish is the Loving Tongue"   GET TAB

October 2012 - "Guantanamera"   GET TAB

November 2012 - "O Come O Come Emamanuel"   GET TAB

December 2012 - "Behold that Star"  GET TAB

January 2013 - "The Cow Bit off the Miller's Thumb"  GET TAB

February 2013 - " Mairi Bhan Og"  for my daughter Mary   GET TAB

March 2013 - "Black Nag" 1+  GET TAB

April 2013 - "Streets of Loredo"  GET TAB

May 2013 - "Willie Moore"   GET TAB

June 2013 - "The Sheep Shearing"   GET TAB

July 2013 - "Battle Hymn of the Republic"   GET TAB

August 2013 - "Irish Washerwoman"  Dgd  GET TAB

September 2013 - "Pick a Bale of Cotton"  Dgd  GET TAB

October 2013 - "Lonely Bird"  1+  GET TAB

November 2013 - "Michael Finnigin"  Dgd GET TAB

December 2013 - "Amid the Silence"  GET TAB

January 2014 - "The Eighth of January   GET TAB

February 2014 - "The Blackest Crow"  GET TAB

March 2014 - "Oh, Mary Don't you Weep"   GET TAB

April 2014 - "I Wish I was a Mole in the Ground"   GET TAB

May 2014 - "The Bashful Maiden"  GET TAB

June 2014 - "Weyhill Fair"  GET TAB

July 2014 - "With the Gold I'll Bring from the Klondike"  GET TAB

August 2014 - "Fairy Dance"  GET TAB

been a long time gone!

March 2015 - "Yellow Bird"   GET TAB"

April 2015 - "The Animal Fair"   GET TAB

May 2015  "One Morning in May"        GET TAB

June 2015  "The Foggy Dew"   GET TAB

July 2015  "Peg O My Heart"   GET TAB

August 2015  "Chopsticks"  GET TAB

September 2015  "Blessed Quietness"  GET TAB

October 2015 "John Riley"  GET TAB

November 2015 "Three Craw"  GET TAB

December 2015  "In Dulci Jubilo"   GET TAB

January 2016  "Beauty in Tears"   GET TAB

February 2016 "Song of the Sea"  GET TAB

March 2016 "Christ was Born in Bethlehem"  GET TAB

April 2016 "Spring's Message"  GET TAB

May 2016  "May Day Carol" GET TAB

June 2016  "Kesh Jig"   GET TAB      

                   "Galway Bay" GET TAB

July 2016  "Star Spangled Banner"  GET TAB

August 2016  "Swing Low Sweet Chariot"  GET TAB

September 2016  "Go! Polka Man!"  GET TAB

October 2016  "Seneca Square Dance"  GET TAB

November 2016  "Angel Gabriel"  GET TAB

December 2016  "Carol of the Birds"   GET Em TAB      GET Dm TAB

January 2017 "Count Your Blessings"   GET TAB

 February 2017  "Old Groundhog"    GET TAB

March 2017    "The Eavesdropper"   GET TAB 

April 2017  "Old Rugged Cross"    GET TAB

May 2017 " The Ashtree Grove"   GET TAB

June 2017 "Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair"   GET TAB

July 2017 "I've Set My Face for Zion's Kingdom"  GET TAB

August 2017 "Campbell's Farewell to Redgap" GET TAB

September 2017  "Precious Memories"  GET TAB

October 2017  "The Old Churchyard"  GET TAB

November 2017 "Rise Up Shepherd, and Follow"  GET TAB

December 2017  "Finlandia'  GET TAB

January 2018  "Skater's Waltz"  GET TAB

February 2018  "Judy's Waltz" GET TAB

March 2018  "Victors March"  GET TAB

April 2018  "Come Thou Font"  GET TAB

May 2018  "Angel Band"  GET TAB

June 2018  "By the Light of the Silvery Moon"  GET TAB

July 2018 "In the Good Old Summertime"  GET TAB

August 2018 "The Merry Widow Waltz" GET TAB

September 2018  "Tombigbee River"  AKA "Gumtree Canoe"  GET TA

October 2018  "Reuben and Rachel"  GET TAB

November 2018  "She's Like the Swallow"  GET TAB

December 2018  "The Christ Child Lullaby"  GET TAB

January 2019   " The Parting Glass"  GET TAB

February 2019 "Love is Little"  GET TAB

March 2019  "Wee Croodin Doo"  GET TAB

April 2019  "Hoosen Johnny" GET TAB

May 2019  "Banks of the Dee"  GET TAB

June 2019 "Sumer is Icumin in"  GET TAB

July 2019 "It Ain't Gonna Rain No More"  GET TAB

August 2019  "Ned of the Hill"  GET TAB

September 2019  "School Days"  GET TAB

October 2019 "Skye Boat Song"  GET TAB

November 2019 "Dona Nobis Pacem"  GET TAB

December 2019 "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day"  1+  GET TAB

January 2020   "Sally Ann"  GET TAB

February 2020  "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" GET TAB

March 2020 "Waly Waly"  GET TAB

April 2020 "Farther Along"  GET TAB

May 2020 "Breton Tune Variation"  GET TAB

June 2020  "Happy Land" GET TAB

July 2020  "Do Lord, Remember Me GET TAB

August 2020  "Lazy Flop-eared Mule"  GET TAB

September 2020  "Wreck of the Old 97"  GET TAB

October 2020  "Let the Cockroach Giggle"  GET TAB

November 2020 "Hard Times Come Again No More" GET TAB

December 2020  "All My Heart This Night Rejoices"  GET TAB

January 2021 "One Bottle More"  GET TAB

February 2021 "The Forlorn Lover"  GET TAB

March 2021 "Jackson's Fancy" GET TAB

April 2021 "Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed? / At the Cross" GET TAB

May 2021 "Chiapanecas" GET TAB

June 2021 "Sweet Betsy From Pike" GET TAB  GET LYRICS

July 2021    "Cumberland Gap"   GET TAB 

August 2021 "Blow Away the Morning Dew"  GET TAB

September 2021 "Higher Ground" GET TAB

October 2021 "To A Wild Rose"   GET TAB

November 2021 "Sweet Georgia Brown" GET TAB

December 2021  "Wexford Carol"  1+   GET TAB

January 2022  "Will Ye No Come Back Again" GET TAB

February 2022  "Edelweis"  Arr: Judy I.  RIP  GET TAB

March 2022 "Fillimiooriay"  GET TAB

April 2022  "The Day of Resurrection" GET TAB

May 2022 "The Wind and Rain" (aka The Twa Sisters)  GET TAB

June 2022 "Wild Mountain Thyme" GET TAB

July 2022  "Wellerman"  GET TAB

August 2022 "Bill Grogan's Goat"  GET TAB

September 2022 "Waltz of the Colonies"  GET TAB

October 2022  "Tree of Life"  GET TAB

November 2022 "Visby"  GET TAB

December 2022 "Christmas Eve"  GET TAB

January 2023  "Old Molly Hare"  GETTAB

February 2023 "Side By Side"  GET TAB

March 2023 "Barndoor Jig"  GET TAB

April 2023  "In The Garden" GET TAB

May2023  "Devlish Mary" GET TAB

June 2023  "Are You From Dixie?" GET TAB

July 2023 "Send the Light"  key of G   GET TAB