E. "O'Carolan Harp Tunes for the Mountain Dulcimer"


Thirty tunes from Ireland’s most revered harper. The book contains standard notation and chords with tablature mostly in DAD tuning. It is geared for the intermediate to advanced player.

Tunes include: Blind Mary, Bridget Cruise, Carolan’s Draught, Carolan’s Dream, Cremonea, Denis O’Conor, Donal O’Brien, Eleanor Plunkett, Father Brian MacDermott Roe, John Drury, Kitty Magennis, Lady Gethin, Lady St. John, Lament for Terence MacDonough, Lord Inchquin, Miss Goulding, Miss Murphy, O’Carolan’s Concerto, One Bottle More, Peggy Morton, Planxty George Brabazon, Planxty Sweeny, Richard Cusack, Robert Hawkes, Sheebeg Sheemore, Sir Charles Coote, Squire Parsons, The Two William Davises.