U. Songs of Life Love and Laughter


Songs of Life, Love and Laughter

Music to soothe, inspire and tickle your funny-bone
from classical to country, ragtime to rock - it's here!

This is an enhanced CD.  When you play it on your computer
you will have photos, a link to my web site, email
and dulcimer TAB for Dill Pickle Rag
(grab a dulcimer and play along!)

Songs and instrumental music including:

                                                 1. Dill Pickle Rag   2. Beggars to God     3. Summertime       4. Ancienne Chanson Francais
                                                 5. Darcy Farrow      6. Crazy    7. Heart and Soul      8. Viagra in the Water     9. Faith of Man
                                               10. Little Music Box Dancer     11. Bad Moon Rising     12. Seeds       13. Over the Rainbow
                                               14. Circle     15. On the Other Shore  + a hidden extra track  from Sweetwater's out of print CD                                                                                               "Remember When the Music"