W. Sweetwater - Now and Then


                              A blast from the past - year 2000    for those of you who remember Sweetwater  or who would like to.

     Now and Then is a compilation of early material by Sweetwater, formerly available only on cassette.  Also included are re-recordings

                                                               of some material and 3 new (at the time) releases. 

20 tracks including:  1. Crossing The Water.   2. When the Wagon was New   3. Ann Boleyn   4. Ragtime Annie   5. The Bramble and the Rose  6.  Lovely Agnes  7.  Down in the Coalmine   8.  Ragtime Medley   9. Maids When You're Young (Never Wed an Old Man)   10. Colcannon   11.  I'll Fly Away   12.  The Four Poster Bed medley   13.  Where the Waters of the Ohio   14.  Bold Orion   15.  Yuppies Lament   16. The Resting Chair   17. The Auction 18. Christmas Time's a Comin'  19.  Santa Played the Autoharp  20.  I Wonder as I Wander