X. Sweetwater sings THE BALLADS from Sharyn McCrumb's early ballad novels


                                                2 CDs

For several years Sweetwater was privileged to perform with best-selling  author Sharyn McCrumb  at her book signing programs,  singing the ballads as Sharyn read from the novels.

In 2001 along with Sharyn we recorded the "Rowan Stave" from The Songcatcher novel.   The Songcatcher tells the story of Malcolm MacCourry who was kidnapped as a child from the Scottish island of Isaly in 1751 and who ends up homesteading on the American frontier.  The book traces a ballad through seven generations of Malcolm MacCourry's family.  This song "The Rowan Stave" is the ballad that forms the narrative thread of the story.   "The Rowan Stave" was known only to the MacCourry family so Sharyn needed to write that ballad.  I composed the tune for her to work from and Sharyn wrote the lyrics.   If you are interested in learning "The Rowan Stave" contact me - I'm more than happy to share it with you.

  In 2003 we recorded the Ballads that we sang at Sharyn's programs.  The novels include If Ever I Return Pretty Peggy-o,   The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter,  She Walks These Hills,  The Rosewood Casket,  The Ballad of Frankie Silver  and Ghost Riders.