C. Using the 1 1/2 Fret in DAD tuning with CD


I've  added 5 tunes and instructions on playing in the key of Dm Dorian 
mode to the "Using the 1+ Fret" book. 
If you have previously purchased the book please go to TAB ARCHIVES

to get the updates!

Unlock the mystery of  what to do with the 1 ½ fret.
Chords, Scales and tunes will help
you use the extra fret to it's full potential. 
 Play easily in the keys of  G,  C and Dm

The accompanying CD includes all 26 tunes in the book in DAD tuning

Tunes include: Abide with Me (C), Amazing Grace (G), Another Jig Will Do (D), The Ashgrove (G)
Beautiful Brown Eyes (C), Bendemeer's Stream (D), Bile them Cabbage (G & C), Black Mountain Rag (D) Blest Be the Tie (G & C), Bye Bye Blackbird (G), Chicken Reel (D), Do Lord (G)
Gonna Keep My Skillet Greasy (D), Happy Land (C), Harrison Town (D mixolydian), 
Hills of Montrose (D), How Dee Doo (D), Ida Red (G), Joe Turner (D), 
Mississippi Sawyer (C), My Bonny (G), O Susanna (C), Ol Joe Clark (D mixolydian)
Over the Waterfall (D), Simple Gifts (G), Standing on the Promises (G)
Shady Grove (Dm), Leatherwing Bat (Dm), Star of the County Down (Dm),
Nine Hundred Miles (Dm),  Road To Lisdoonvarna (Dm)
Audio files for Dm tunes can be downloaded at  shelleystevens.com/tab archives.htm